Social aspects



Children from socially disadvantaged (Harz4) families - children and young people who are not able to access expensive gaming hardware and possibly other players or like-minded people can get access through the social support of the city. Not only sport or swimming pools are interesting for teenagers. Clarification with social facilities necessary.


  • When empty or by appointment, clubs, groups, seminars, colleges, lecturers, course instructors and educational institutions can rent the facilities with up to 30 very well equipped computers, as well as the sanitary facilities
  • Contacts are made, friendships are created, partnerships developed .... Prevention of isolation in front of the computer
  • Meeting with friends and exchanging information as well as the exchange of knowledge are promoted, new projects will emerge !!
  • Socialization
  • All locations are accessible (wheelchair, disabilities)
  • ABC only on the Computer ( regarding school beginners
  • Families: play with loved ones in a great environment (parents / children admittance to computers, reduced family cards)