Risks and Challenges 


Entrepreneurial risks are self-evident as with any project. We take this into consideration and protect ourselves against them as far as possible. Since our business idea is not dependent on seasonal or cyclical influences, we believe that a lack of interested players is the greatest risk. In the unlikely case of missing RPGs and MMORPG players, as general supporters of the eSport scene, we have created three independent sources of income for the guaranteed operation of the Global Player International Center.


At first, however, a large part of the investments made will be used to convert and set up our existing branch office. Thus at the beginning, the fund is stored in the most secure form from today's perspective, namely, real estate. Therefore, there is no deflagration of the available funds, such as personnel costs or pre-production measures. Although the investment initially appears to be high - in the future, however, this decision will make us independent of rising rental costs and binding contracts. In this way, we can react quickly and effortlessly to all necessary changes.


In addition to renting the computer pools for workshops, trainings and seminars (income source 1), the daily open coffee bar (income source 2) and apartment rental (income source 3) ensures constant income flows. This way we can make sure of the operation in the long-term and thus guarantee the promised lifetime benefits. The existence and operation of the GPI Center therefore is guaranteed.


The challenge we have in rebuilding a formerly well-liked model is a convincing, optimized implementation and modernization of the LAN party concept. This is actually easier as imagined. The eSports scene is making tremendous progress in hosting major gaming battle events. We'll find a fast growing community of teams and clans, giving them a thought-out way to have their meetings, encounters, digital fights and tournaments in our GPI Center.