Project description


In addition to our well-known leisure and cultural facilities such as bars, clubs, cinemas, casinos, theater, etc. I decided to set up the Global Player International Center. The LAN party character will get modernized and combined with eSports features. At the same time the overall gaming concept is complemented by a cafe-bar, as well as additional accommodation possibility with hotel character for long stays of players and visitors.


The connection of gamers to the real world has so far not been present in Europe. Although many online players have a high degree of team, communication and social skills, due to a lack of better options, they are forced to stay in their homes, garages or basements. Direct human contact is not available despite of long-term co-players and virtual friend lists.

Despite of large, highly endowed eSports events, one hardly reads anything about gamers and professional eSports in mainstream media. This area remains a sealed door to most people, although millions of people belong to this large group. There is little to no evidence of their existence in everyday life. In the future, a unique sporting scene is developing, which will be a lasting place in the real.

Many players that are in squads, teams or clans would like to have the stimulus and thrill of a professional tournament atmosphere. However, they are not prepared to wait months and years for participating in a competition. This is why the Global Player International League is being set up.

At the moment, eSport competitions are only given to large entrepreneurs. These events allow only a few people to take part in the official competition. However, in GPI Centers many teams will be able to gather for their challenges and participate in competitions, as well as organizing and conducting those under fair, controlled conditions. These teams and members fill the ranking lists of the Global Player International League.

Our first GPI Center in Leipzig will be equipped with gaming hardware and offers them the opportunity to prove their skills on a daily basis for up to 30 players. Titles such as LOL, Dota2, Starcraft 2, Counterstrike GO, Battlefield, Warcraft, HearthStone and many others will be practiced or played in competitions. The RPG, MMORPG scene is professionally represented here.

The computers provided for all competitions have the exact same equipment. Gamers and clans, squads and teams can completely book the facility for their meetings, training, competitions or challenges and have the certainty to fight their battles under the same, fair conditions with exactly the same hardware. Our Centers should not have the character of a gambling hall but rather an "Arena" or a public "Event".

The venue will always be our own Center so that expenses for third party services as well as rentals do not come up. A large arena can be booked for annual competitions or final rounds. Team formation and roundtables take several hours, mostly at night. Nobody has to drive home after a long night when tired (to avoid car accidents). For players there is the possibility to stay directly in-house. When booking our packages, a shuttle service (24A) from Leipzig Airport and train station is available. The visitor only focuses on the event and does not have to take care of anything else. An arrangement includes 24 hours with overnight stay. The separation of the arrangement is left to the participants, e.g. 16 hrs playing and 8 hrs sleeping.

Our coffee bar will be operated independently by the GPI Center and is open for any visitors / interested people and the players while taking breaks. This bar is already planned in our project and offers a great view (glass wall) into the main hall and access to the Gaming Center. This allows non-players to get a glance on what is happening in the facility while enjoying a hot cup of coffee. In general, the ambience, the stay and the event sequence should have a casual, trendy, communicative, informal and modern style.

From our idea and its implementation as well as the resulting scene an eSports League will be founded: the "GPI-League", Global Player International League, derived from our name and associated domain www.GlobalPlayer.International. It consists of members as well as dedicated players. Tournaments will get organized between our GPI Centers in Europe and other GPI Centers worldwide, so that an international competition is being created by global players. Even active and independent eSports teams will be challenged and become guests of our establishment.


With this project we are pioneering. There is no such thing as a gaming hotel yet. I am convinced that the eSport scene will revolutionize in the long run. The gamers do not even know that they need us and our center. It is almost similar to the first iPhone. Nobody needed it - until it was out.