Operating costs / Sustainability


The greatest cost is caused by the required electricity. A photovoltaic system (solar power) will be installed for the operation of up to 30 computers together with various large screens, projectors and air conditioning systems. The conservation of electricity compared to conventional power suppliers is clearly noticeable here. The water costs for the operation of the accommodation must be accepted. Not however the heating costs. Waste heat from 30 Computers can be collected and used in a heat exchanger to reduce heating costs in winter.

Investing in our own buildings and their equipment gives us the necessary security and independence from expensive rental contracts, rent increases and unforeseen cancellations. Every investment in the construction as well as furnishing therefore allows us the maximum possible service life, capital protection as well as profitability.


The maintenance costs of the computers are not caused by third party companies because we are qualified for this and everything is handled reliably and independently. Assembly, troubleshooting, installation and operating system, network engineering, as well as the complete power installation and installation of the interior is carried out by us. However, this does not rule out the use of third-party companies in rare cases, if needed.