When I started the first LAN party with my friends 25 years ago, I was 15 years of age - most of the time got sacrificed for transport, setting up the computer and monitor, cabling and configuration. However, with the years it got easier and better. Monitors became flat screens and more lightweight, network hubs and protocols turned out faster and more reliable.

Despite the circumstances, these gatherings have created lots of fun and joy. A LAN party was really a party to us - since many people came together and hand fun. Not just the computer "geeks" but their friends and partners as well. This was expected, because the gatherings took place in our apartments and basements. A LAN party nowadays can hardly be found anymore....


A while ago on a LAN party, I sat at my computer together with some friends. Games and Skirmishes were digitally carried out in different computer games. We were among ourselves and had played with enough people to totally emerge ourselves into the games (300 slots). We celebrated our lap wins and successfully played strategies. It was a wonderful pleasure to have those friends and folks around so we could laugh and tease each other, increasing the fun a million times.


When I recently asked my friends on our Teamspeak server why there actually were no more LAN parties nowadays, the most frequent answer I received was "no space" and "no location". Nobody could plausibly come up with another reason. I suggested to provide the location, since I suddenly got the attention of some people. When I told them that I had 7 computers at my place... immediately 20 people asked to joined in. I thought about it, asked some questions and decided to act. How this further developed, you will be able to read in the project description.